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Let’s face reality…

If you don’t have targeted traffic, you really don’t have a business,
that’s just how it works online.

Ghost TownThe Internet also isn’t like a physical store front where
you can put up a sign and draw in potential customers driving or walking by.
You don’t have a bunch of potential customers driving by your website.

If you just slap up a website, all you have is a website that no one knows about.

The Internet is a lonely place for a website that isn’t being marketed because
without marketing, you aren’t getting any customers.

It goes without saying that if you hope to generate any income with your web business,
you’re going to need to market your site.

Once you understand the key to generating targeted visitors to your website, you open
up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to business growth.

By mastering the skill of generating traffic, you can basically “write your own check”
because you can increase your traffic at will.

“The Complete Guide to Traffic”

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IMHO, this is a great book, and if you find it helps, as always, please purchase this one.


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