[GET] The Secret of a 10% Conversion Rate – Paul Hancox

The ebook is about offline selling strategies and their application to the online world. I’ve studied sale optimization for nearly 10 years now, and this is one of the most interesting books I’ve read.


Chapter 1 ? Internet Marketing, The Jigsaw Puzzle

Chapter 2 ? The Product: The Thing That Will Make Or Break Your
Conversion Rate

2.1 How To Develop A Product That Is Virtually Guaranteed To Convert Well
2.2 How To Pick Winning Affiliate Products

Chapter 3 ? Choosing Your Marketing Model
3.1 Improve Your Conversion Rate By Testing Different Models

Chapter 4 ? Testing: The Golden Key
4.1 Split Testing ? Anyone Can Do It!
4.2 Gary Halbert Says The Most Important Thing To Test Is Not The
Headline, But This…
4.3 Why Testing Is So Important For Affiliate Marketers, And How To Do It
4.4 Six Important Principles Of Split Testing
4.5 Multivariate Testing
4.6 The Controversial Yet Powerful ?Flow Testing? Technique
4.7 How To Use Flow Testing Effectively

Chapter 5 ? Pre-selling Power
5.1 Site Pre-Selling
5.2 Blog Pre-Selling
5.3 Powerful Blog Pre-Selling Techniques
5.4 How To Get People Addicted To Your Blog In 5 Easy Steps
5.5 Tips For Creating An Effective Blog Presence
5.6 Email Pre-Selling

Chapter 6 ? Super Conversion Sales Techniques, or ?How Direct
Salespeople Achieve 20-40% Conversion Rates?

6.1 Selling In ?Steps?
6.2 Understanding The Customer’s ?State? At Each Step Of The Sales
6.3 Closing Doors
6.4 Closing Questions
6.5 Price Conditioning, and Price Justification
6.6 Creating Urgency
6.7 How Are These Things Relevant To You?
6.8 Using These Techniques On The Internet

Chapter 7 ? Creating The Sales Material
7.1 The Sales Letter As An Online Salesperson
7.2 Essential Things You Should Know Before You Start Writing Your Sales
7.3 Using A Thematic Outline To Get Started
7.4 Writing The Copy Itself
7.5 Power Tips For Effective Sales Letters
7.6 Using Technology In Your Sales Material
7.7 Selling With Video

Chapter 8 ? Word Of Mouth Secrets They Don’t Tell You
8.1 Two Word-Of-Mouth ?Secrets? That Can Make A Difference Between 1%
And 10% Conversion Rates
8.2 How To Use These ?Secrets? To Devastatingly Powerful Effect

Chapter 9 ? Customer Loyalty and Evangelism
9.1 Buyer’s Remorse, And How To Eliminate It
9.2 Why It’s Important To Give Only Good Experiences
9.3 Why Feedback Is So Important, And When To Ask For It
9.4 Reward Loyalty

Chapter 10 ? Final Insights
10.1 Increasing Conversion From 2% To 20% By Communicating
10.2 Bonus Tips


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