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I don’t post my story to brag, I post it to help other members – Nate Johnson

I thought that frustrated members or even really successful members would enjoy this read. It is a free report and it is about my life and how I was down to my last $100 and my car blew up on my way back to my day job and all I had left was my computer and Internet connection.

I had tried to make money online for many months and hadn’t made anything…wait, I had made $2 from filling out an online survey. I was embarrassed to even cash the check.

Now, well I have a premium info product about making money online. I coach/mentor people on how to make money online. I have my own membership site about making money online. I’m friends with some the big online gurus –> Disclaimer –> The ones that really, truly care about people and put out great stuff.

Get The Report For Free: http://www.therichprodigy.com/thetruth.html

Direct Link to Download Page: http://www.therichprodigy.com/reborn1.html

Note: The first link signs you up for my list and gives you the report very quickly. The second link sends you directly to the download page. If you want the report, directly, just PM me.


“Thanks for the report! One of the best i’ve seen so far. Keep it up!!” – Nabeel Chughtai

“Excellent report Nate. Good solutions to problems we all face in this crazy biz.” – Alan Petersen

“Fascinating story and well written. The conclusion is spot on for any budding marketer.” – JPaston

“Very good report Nate, I enjoyed reading it!” – Adam Fletcher

“Nice report, Nate, well worth the time to read it a couple times.” – Dennis Becker


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