[GET] Instagram Manager – Scrape Users Data

Instagram Manager is a software that scrapes information about specific users that is available on Instagram. You load a list of usernames and the software will give you the details about each user. The information provided by the software currently includes username, user ID, total amount of followers, total amount of followings, total amount of uploaded media, biography and website URL. It also checks whether the user is verified or private.

I started this project as a hobby, but a guy approached me to code him something specific, but at the end he backed up. So I decided to release the program and improve it based on your suggestions and feedback.

Scrape data based on username
Export data
Filter data
Does not use the Instagram API (no limit in requests)

How to use
1. Open the software
2. Click “Load Users” and load the users. The users must be in .txt file where each line contains 1 username. If the file does not meet the criteria, the program will not work and may crash.
3. After you load the usernames, just wait for the program to do its work


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  • Rupesh

    October 15, 2017

    thank you


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