[GET] Instagram Picture Manager – Get Picture ID of a Photo

Some tools or software for Instagram require you to use a picture ID rather than the actual photo. It’s a bit tricky to get the picture ID, because it’s not displayed anything on the website visible for the user. Therefore I decided to create this software to help people find picture ID of a photo easier and a lot faster — supporting multiple pictures at once!

This software doesn’t use the API of Instagram, therefore there are no limits to how many photos you can check daily. You can also export the full details or only the picture IDs.

– Import multiple pictures and grab their ID.
– Export full data (username, user ID, picture ID, caption)
– Export media ID (only media ID)

How to use
1. Click “File” > “Import”.
2. Load a .txt file with URLs of pictures. (Example input I used)
3. Wait until the program is finished.
4. You can export the full data or only media IDs in .CSV or .TXT format.
5. You can also copy a specific data from the table itself, by double clicking on it.


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