[GET] Facebook Auto Status Updater v3.3 Cracked

Dont want to go through the hastle of having to link up your blog to twitter, then from twitter to facebook? Well, now you can auto update your facebook status while you sleep. No more having to wait to get reception on your phone to connect to facebook, no more getting mad because twitter is down and you cant do your updates. Just simply set the items you want to say or promote into our textbox’s set the time and leave your computer, thats it! It will post your status updates when you want, and the times you say for it to.

This is a great tool for someone who is going to be away, or wants to surprise someone and have them think they are at home, when in reality they could be sleeping, or be on a flight.

This is also a great tool for all you promoters out there, who are at the event, or club but dont have access to a computer or phone to update your status. Just set up your times and status updates, and the software will do the rest.

Facebook Auto Status Updater:

Lifetime Updates
Auto Update Your Status
Auto Log In/Out Of Each Account
No Connection From This To That Required
Set Any kind of status updates, even URL’s
Set Any kind of posting time
Multi user support
New Facebook layout supported
Multiple Posts Per day
Safe And Secure

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