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What has ZERO ties to start and cost the business almost nothing at the end of the month but a ton of profits in their pockets? PAY PER CALL!

Pay Per Call is a service in which you send calls to your client at “NO START or UPFRONT COST” to the business that sounds amazing but to you that’s a nice recurring income for doing almost nothing.

• No fancy software…

• No fancy software…

• No you don’t need to be stuck behind the desk…

Just take 1-*‐2 hours finding a client that’s interested in the service.

Literally ZERO ties! This means the business doesn’t need to pay you anything
To get started or pay out 1 huge amount (instead they can pay over time) theses

Days how you just never know when someone maybe willing to pay out a larger

Amount upfront to get started (it’s all about the bond between you two)

Here is how you can get started providing pay per call services:

#1 Grab a Google Number

You’ll use this number to track calls being sent to your prospect.

Follow these instruction (make sure to include their number and not yours(

https://support.google.com/voice/ans…tform%3DAndroi d&hl=en

#2 Grab a FEW numbers for the area you are looking to target. I’d grab 1-*‐3 numbers just to start off. This way you don’t have to deal with it later on.

#3 You’ll need to define what the value of their client is! (very important) this is how you’ll define what you’ll charge per call before you even set-*‐up a meeting.

#4 agree on a start date (but remember to keep the customer informed) and be realistic about the calls you are sending. Charge only for the connected calls. If everything comes off smoothly the client won’t run off to someone else.

#5 I know your wondering how am I getting these calls? Google Pay Per Call. Look at it like this yellow pages is charging $350 per month “way too much” You can charge a more affordable amount by using Google pay per call. But Don’t give it away this is how you’ll make your money

Here is the link to that: https://adwords.google.com/home/mark…drive-*‐ action/phone-*‐calls.html#?modal_active=none

That is all that is needed to get started!

I hope you enjoy this quick guide.



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