[GET] Craigslist Classified Ad Reply Software Crack

NOW you can automatically reply to craigslist listings within any category. Simply type up your email, add attachment, select category, enter number of post you’d like to reply to – Click Send. And watch C-A-R Software reply on autopilot.

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Purchase C-A-R Today…
Classified Ad Reply Software was built for the marketer looking to provide marketing services to businesses on craigslist.

We wanted to build a solution that enabled our community members to reply craigslist listings without interfering with the craigslist platform.

C-A-R takes the more human approach by enabling the user to take the same exact steps they would to reply to a listing. But instead C-A-R is doing all of the sending on autopilot with out interfering with craigslist.

Here’s a quick break down on what C-A-R is doing while you are watching it work…

After you’ve preset you email, attachment and of course set-up your SMTP.

The software will take the more human approach and reply to each listing based on the number of threads you entered into the software.

After it has completed sending all you have to do is check your emails for possible prospects that have replied to your messages.

There’s just isn’t anything like this on the market today!

Businesses continue to use craigslist supporting the growth of the platform. And today it’s even bigger and better. To elaborate a bit more you’ll find plumbers, pool repairers, window repairers, electricians the list goes.

The possibilities are endless it’s all just a matter of when you’ll begin sending your messages.

We are making this software exclusively available to our Red Torrent Media LLC customers/supporters only for just $27 PLUS unlimited installations. Grab your copy today of this never before seen software for adobe air/pc computers.

Sending replies to craigslist ads has never been easier…
With C-A-R now you can enjoy the benefits of replying to any thread on craigslist.
Reply up to 100 + post in seconds with out bending any rules.
Yes we built C-A-R in a way that looks human to craigslist and doesn’t bend any rules. Send as many replies as you need all on autopilot.
Adding attachments takes 2 seconds…
Send video attachments, image attachments, audio attachments and lots more whenever you like all via gmail.
LIVE Class! Happening on June 22nd 2PM EST.
You won’t want to miss out on this session. Guillermo likes to make his classes fun and interactive for his community members. Live Q & A at the end of presentation + learn how to turn replies & time into clients.
This Course Contains
Introduction Video
Video Tutorials
Live Webinar
Email support
Members Forum
Software Adobe Air/PC
Included With Purchase: June 22nd 2PM EST! JOIN US LIVE.

C-A-R customers will receive live over the shoulder training on how to convert replies into customers in less time. Recordings will be provided via Video & Audio.

Q.Does This Software Work On Adobe Air/PC?

A.Yes, you can install it on as many computers as you’d like desktops, laptops etc.

Q.How many replies can I send per day?

A.You can send up to 500 replies per day. It’s all based on your IP and GMAIL account.

Q.How soon will I see a response?

A.Responses are based on the time and day you sent out the craigslist message. In our live over the shoulder training we cover this more.

Q.Can you type in the email if it doesn’t show up?

A.Yes, in some cases captcha will prevent us from picking up the DATA we need. So you may need to copy and paste the email which only takes 15 seconds or less.

Q.Once I’ve imported all the leads can I follow up daily?

A.Yes, you can follow up with any imports you made.

Q.Does this work overseas?

A.Yes this is a world wide product. So if Craigslist is used in your country you can use it.


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