[GET] TwitterAutoFollower v3.0 Cracked

Two follow modes – 1. Lightning fast , 2. Random timed intervals.
Follow either the followers or the following.
Option to follow all or to follow specific amount of people.
Option to stop follow process by API limit cutoff.
Various cool looking themes to choose from.

Very easy to use.

Can be minimized to your system tray.
Light weight and minimal processing requirements.
Shows your account statistics.
Very user friendly interface.
The interface is very easy to use even for a noob,Just enter the details in the textboxes and click Follow button,thats it,just watch as your follower count increases rapidly with the time interval.Have a look at the screenshot to see the simply user interface.

Ability to follow at random time intervals.
AutoFollower tool can be preset with a random time interval between each follows,because twitter doesn’t like you to follow people instantly,if you do , your account is likely to get suspended,but with AutoFollower tool , you never trigger any alarm.AutoFollower will follow people just like a human does,randomly.Set a random time
range ( From , To ) and AutoFollower calculates a random time interval between those two ranges for each follow request.So it emulates a real human doing the job,while you are away for fishing or even snoring on your bed !

Easy to configure and use.
There are only four details you need to provide before starting the AutoFollow process,we have designed the tool
professionaly for keeping the customer experience level high.The complexity in using this auto follow tool
is nearly zero as compared with other auto follow tools out there in the market.So even if you are newbie in using twitter or an internet guru,the learning curve for this tool is nearly zero.Still don’t believe us ? Download the trial and experience the ease of use.We can surely boast that,this is the simplest,fastest,hassle free twitter follower builder tool available in the market now.

Lighting fast follow engine.
Following a person through a web based interface or tool can be time consuming,but AutoFollower can follow a person in a jiffy ! . We tested following 10 people within 13 seconds !. Thats real fast,according to the market survey we did,there are no other tools which follows people as fast as AutoFollower does.As always,if you do not believe us and you think its just marketting tricks.Just try the trial version.We have made the trial version,so that our customers can experience the full power before purchasing the full version.

Runs from your system tray.
We know that following twitter is just one of your daily activities,we do not want AutoFollower to disturb you and take space in your taskbar along with other important programs,after all AutoFollower is a configure once and run program, so AutoFollower will run from your system tray and if it needs to notify you of anything,it will show balloon tips,further moreyou can even disable those balloon notifications from system tray too.


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