[GET] FluxViewer | Proxy Website/YouTube Viewer | Random User Agent | Version: 1.1

FluxViewer – A free to use tool to increase your revenue!

~ Proxy YouTube/Website Viewer with Random user agent and custom timer settings ~


– Timer Settings (In seconds)

– Random user agents (Currently not customizable)

– Total Views Setting (The bot will stop once it get’s to x amount of views)

– Proxy Support (Optional, if you don’t want to use it then leave the textbox empty)

– Runs using Firefox (You must have Firefox installed – If you have issues use this version)

How To use

1. Download the bot from the downloads (Bellow)

2. Extract the folder from the .zip onto your computer.

3. Make sure that you have Firefox installed

4. Start the bot, enter the settings and enjoy the views!


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