[GET] IP Proxy Scraper

IP Proxy Scraper 1.0

What It Does
My bot has been created for people that would like to get daily updated IP proxy list. My bot is able to gather over 600 proxy IPs from public lists that were updated that day. To use to bot, follow these steps:
1. Open Bot
2. Read Tips
3. If you have a slower computer or internet connection adjust some of the settings.
4. On the Proxy Scrab Tab press “Get my ip proxy list!” button and wait for the proxy list to be filled.
5. Once it is filled you can simply save it to the .txt file!

My bot is able to scrape IPs from public list websites in just a matter of minutes. This helps you to save your time looking for some list.

Scrape Proxy IPs from the public lists
Adjustable settings that are user friendly
Save list into one .txt file

To run the scraper in its maximum speed you will need good internet connection and decent computer.

Known Bugs:
I was not able to find any bug so far. If you find one please let me know about and and tell me how did it happen.

Version 1.1 plans:
Version 1.1 should be released soon! In this version user will have option to let the application test proxy IPs if they are live or dead.


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