[GET] toTweet – Twitter Poster

This is toTweet, a program that posts tweets at X intervals with the option of posting between a certain time. It’s also, my most advanced bot so far. This bot has TBN Auth.

This bot will use about 40mb/ram and very little CPU resources. :> You do not need to have a browser installed to use it.

Duplicate tweets will be counted as a successful post, but Twitter is a bit weird when it comes to duplicate tweets, so they probably won’t show up under your account. If you use Twitter to make money, then you probably know about this.

What do those icons/things mean?
Green Bird – Number of tweets posted
Yellow Bird – Pending Tweets
Red Bird – Rejected Tweets (tweets longer than 140 characters)
Compose – Import list of tweets (.txt file/1 per line)
Clock – Time Settings
I’ve started from 2 minutes intervals because there might be a limit of ~40 tweets an hour (1000 tweets a day limit)
Stop – Stop tweeting
What’s happening? – Shows next tweet to be posted

If you have any questions, just reply below. I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.


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