[GET] Proxy Leecher – Scrape ELITE Proxies For Free!

This is a very simple and efficient proxie leaeher, it will require you have your own list of urls to scrape elite proxies from.

Step 1 :

open up the leecher

Step 2 :
click the file tab top left and select option import, point and click on your list to have it imported into the url leecher

Step 3 :
now your list is in the leecher – hit the green icon arrow > to begin leeching your proxies from the urls

Last Steps :

Once the list is leeched right click on any of the proxies and hit save – this will save your proxies in a txt file to your tesk top then test them in your regular proxie tool.

Finally i would advise if you want to filter any junk proxie ports from your list download my version of Charon Proxy Tester – load in your list and it will auto remove 99% of junk proxies only leaving the most common proxies on the most commonly used proxie ports …


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