Get MotionArtist 1.3 Build 14633

MotionArtist 1.3 Build 14633

  • Name : MotionArtist
  • Version : 1.3 Build 14633
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Comic Software
  • Price : $49
  • Homepage : SalePage

Easy-to-use tool designed specifically for creating motion comics.
Bring your comics to life with animated panels, text and word balloons. Share on Facebook, YouTube, or to your personal channel on


  • Massive Workspace : Director’s View gives you a 10,000ft view of your entire project, while Panel View lets you adjust each element of your comic to the smallest detail. Organize, storyboard, and add motion to your whole project from above.
  • Motion Assist™ : A powerful and intuitive way to add motion to your projects. Just point, click and drag your object where you want it in your timeline. Motion Assist allows beginners create advanced visual effects instantly without any animation background.
  • HTML5 Interactivity : Create fully interactive motion comics of your illustrations, comic and manga art. Link urls, video, audio, and images. Embed your project directly into a web page or add to existing HTML content. Create custom interactive elements to click or tap. Playback your content on most smartphones and tablet browsers.
  • Presentation Mode : Arrange your graphical illustrations with an automatic camera to create gripping presentations. Add HTML5 interactivity for a complete, immersive motion comic experience.
  • Advanced Camera Options for 3D effects : Use the advanced camera to pan, zoom and track through your images. Instantly bring your layered files to life with a smooth “Parallax” effect. Give comic pages 3D motion in seconds.

MotionArtist 1.3 Build 14633

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