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Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro

  • Name : Copy Traffic Pro
  • Version : 1.2
  • Type : Onpage Plugin, Social Optimize Plugin
  • Price : $37
  • Homepage : SalePage
    Need Traffic? This Final Offer Gives You The Technology NBC, National Geographic & The New York Post Are Using…
    How To Double Your Social Traffic In 7 Seconds …
    Copy Traffic lets you take advantage of this massive untapped copy/paste traffic source by letting you add attributions that automatically get added as the visitor copies and pastes your content.


    • Attribution Message Builder : Create Stunning Ads & Bio Boxes That Will Generate More Clicks For Your Links!
    • Powerful Macros : Use These In Your Attribution Messages To Automatically Include Links, Time, Titles Etc.
    • Add Attribution To Feeds : Automatically Include Your Attribution Message & Link To Your RSS Feed & Get Backlinks Whenever Your Blog Is Scraped!
    • Use Keyword Rich Anchor Text : Automatically Add Anchor Text To Your Feed Attribution Links For Increased SEO Benefit!
    • Use Copy Traffic On Any Website : Use The 1-Click Script Generator To Easily Unleash The Power Of Copy Traffic On Any Website (Not Just On Your WordPress Blogs).

    As we now know up to 70% of the people of the people wanting to share that content will ignore those buttons – and instead mark and copy the text like I did here:
    Then they would paste the copied text into email or some other source – and I would get nothing from it, but because I have the Copy Traffic plugin installed – some clever “magic” happens behind the scenes…
    And when they go to paste the content into their email this happens…
    Copy Traffic Example When Posting YOUR Blog Content Via Email :
    Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro
    See, the Copy Traffic plugin automatically inserted my text and the link to the post the content was copied from!

    And this is what the plugin does automatically, right out of the box without the need to change any settings!

    But of course we gave you options to completely customize your links and text – as you see in the screenshot below…
    Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro
    You can customise your added message too…
    – Change the text appearing before your link. You have unlimited space here – and you can even leave it blank if you only want to show a link.
    – You get full control over what link you want included when people copy and paste from your site.
    – You can link to the individual sites the content was copied from (great for deep links and targeted traffic).
    – You can choose to link your blog’s home page (great if you are trying to rank the front page or get traffic there).
    – You can link to any website – this could for example be an affiliate link (a great way to profit from social sharing).
    – You can even choose not to use any links, if you just want the text to appear.
    – You decide if you want your attribution (text and link) to show above or below the copy-pasted content.
    – And finally you can set a minimum number of copied words required before the plugin activates your magic (if you set it to zero it will kick in if they copy as much as a blank space from your site!)
    Social Sharing Get’s An Upgrade Too: See what happens when your content is copy/pasted on Facebook…
    Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro

    As you can see, the link back to your site is automatically included here too!
    Using technology like this is so powerful in generating links and traffic that would otherwise have been lost…
    But we haven’t stopped there because we’ve included some extra features at no extra cost!
    Instead of just being able to enter a single line of text before your link…
    You can use a full message area to construct a bio box or any kind of advert you like.
    Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro

    You can use macro’s to automatically add in different content
    Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro

    AND simply check one box – and your attribution messages and links will be automatically added to your RSS feed.
    Copy Traffic 1.2 Pro
    And that means that every time someone scrapes our autoblogs from our blog – our message and backlink will be included on their blog!

    This is so powerful you’re actually now hoping that people will scrape your blog!

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