Download Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening Self-Reliance Vital Food

Download Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening Self-Reliance Vital Food


Course Description

Note: This program may be the second course inside a series.

Students should be signed up for

The Fundamental BioDynamics- (that provides the particular tools essential to complete this program)

before signing up for Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening.

This can be a complete-site, hands-on intensive, showing the best way to seize control of your atmosphere and food, by simply growing the greatest quality food- best flavour, greatest dietary content, least time, minimal blights & contaminations…using sensible, ancient wisdoms & the types of materials you’ve surrounding you.

This program has been offered by a unique REDUCED Cost, however the cost increases each week beginning The month of january 30, 2016, so make sure to enroll as soon as possible.

This really is about sensible, easy, natural farming. and why must growing food be different?

This program is perfect for action-fun people, who’re wired for private Power- to operate their very own show, their very own simpl existence, with higher sense front & center.

This really is Ladakhi Organic Farming utilizing BioDynamics (BD), or even the cosmic dance which infuses, flows throughout Existence on the mother planet. What am i saying…….you just-

Understand how the BD rythmns and calendar guide us in to the greatest-probability, best-results days for doing everything associated with our beautiful farm- or tomato plants within the windowbox- all year round.

All you need for SimPLy growing your personal food- detailed on-site videos, storydocs & infotools, visiting you reside from high-desert (himalayan Ladakh), tropical (Thailand) and temperate places (Korea): planning & creating, planting, nutrifying, watering & cultivation- not to mention, the wonderful Harvest.

Not for information-vacationers, you’ll be fairly examined for assured farming results…Career maqui berry farmers, backyard enthusiasts, enthusiastic foodies or community leaders, urban or rural, will discover this artistically fun & essential!

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