[GET] Expired Article Hunter v2.0.0.4 [Last Version]

Getting content doesn’t have to be a pain

With EAH you’ll never have to write or buy articles again!

Lightning fast!

Expired Article Hunter is multi-threaded for maximum speed.

No need for proxies!

You don’t need any sort of proxies anymore! We still have a proxy scraper just in case you want to use them.

PBN Managment

Store and manage unlimited WordPress sites. With EAH 2.0 it’s easier than ever to quickly post articles to your PBN.

Expired Domain Downloader

Expired Article Hunter will pull in expired domains as recently as 12 hours expired. No scraping needed.

Quickly Post to WordPress

Post your scraped articles to any WordPress site with the click of a button.

Automatically upload images

EAH will detect any images in your articles and re-upload them to your WordPress site.

Built in Plagiarism Checking

Check Copyscape to ensure articles are one of a kind or use our free built in methods.

Weed Out Spun Content

Use the readability checker to detect possibly low quality or spun content.

Full HTML Scraping

EAH will scrape articles with their original formatting, images included. No need to mess around with styling your articles.

It’s all done for you.

SEO is hard. Let us help you out!

Writing high-quality articles can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Purchasing articles may be easier, it can also be quite taxing on your wallet. With Expired Article Hunter you can say goodbye to both. Our software will quickly find articles that are no longer indexed in Google by scraping expired websites for their forgotten content.

Article Hunter

Expired Article hunter will search expired domains for content that can no longer be viewed! These articles are usually de-indexed in Google and therefore seen as unique, fresh content.

Plagiarism Checks

Each article can be tested via Copyscape or our own free methods to ensure that it is unique content found nowhere else on the web. This will keep you safe from any Google duplicate content penalties.

Domain Downloader

Don’t have a list of expired domains? No problem! Expired Article Hunter will find recent or old expired domains for you. No proxies, no scraping.

Article Editor

Expired Article Hunter scrapes full HTML styled articles. Use our built in article editor to easily format articles, add images and post everything to WordPress.

Check Domain Metrics

Now you can check the MOZ and Majestic metrics for each domain. You can also check the history of each domain to ensure it is clean.

Language Filtering

EAH can detect over 82 languages! This ensures that you only get articles in the language you want. More languages are being added over time.


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