[GET] Social App Creator – Create Facebook Apps With No Programming & No Outsourcing

“Fill In A Few Blanks, Push A Button
And Out Pops A Fully Functional
Viral Facebook Application That
You Can Sell As Your Own Or
Monetize With AdsÂ…”

Until now the only way to get into the
app business for a non-coder or
developer was to outsource.
And do you know how much those money-grabbing nerds want to make even the simplest of apps?

Anywhere from $200 – $5000! In fact if you watch the video at the top of this page you’ll see me login to my Vworker account and show you what I asked for and the range of bids.

And if you want something a little more complex than I described there, like a horoscope app with a like button, wall posting and inviting the quotes are even more staggering…

The following image has been edited to show both the job request and the bids recieved, none of the figures or content have been changed or altered in any way.

There must be some limitations to the apps
you can create with this?

Of course there are. You’re not going to be able to make the next Farmville with this. It is designed to create viral apps that can spread like wildfire and those apps follow a certain layout and pattern.

But when you start experimenting with it you’ll think up loads of apps that you can make.

Here are a few suggestions;

Fortune cookies
Random Jokes/Joke of the day.
The Fact Machine
Suggest something for me to do today.
How Lucky am I today.
Useless trivia
Daily Horoscope
Numerology Reading
Bible verse of the day
Lotto Number picker
How and when will I die
Who is my ideal partner
When will I be rich?
What gift shall I buy?
Words of wisdom
Bible verse of the day
Famous Quotes
Inspirational message of the day
How and when will I meet my soul mate
What should I call my baby?
What should I call my dog?
What should I call my cat?
How far away is my soul mate?
Lucky Dice.
What music should I listen to today?
Suggest a movie to watch.

And that’s just scratching the surface.


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