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Find Someone’s Email Address for Free.

Do you need to find an email address for your prospective leads? With LeadGibbon, you no longer have to worry about how to get an email address. Our powerful email address finder will help you search for an email address quickly and easily.

With just a few clicks, you can look up the email address of any lead on LinkedIn using our Google Chrome extension, and our browser application can help you find any email address by name. ThatÂ’s not all… you can also save all your leads’ contact information right into your LeadGibbon account so that you can access it whenever you want using Google Drive. You also have the option of sending your leads an email right away. In short, doing an email address search on your leads and prospects does not get easier than this.

You no longer need to use outdated, time-consuming methods of manual email address lookup. Discover hassle-free email extraction and build your contact list quickly with LeadGibbon. Whether you need to find email addresses of just a few prospects or you require unlimited usage for advanced lead generation, we have just the right plan for you. Choose from any one of our pricing options with no obligation and no contract.



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