FULL PRO Version
Promised People

Create Accounts – And Email Verify (Hotmail Only)
Like or Unlike Posts
Follow or Unfollow People
Reblog Posts
Change Caption and Photo URL for Reblogged posts
Scrape Posts and People
Submit to /ask and /submit
Proxy Support
Integrates With Death By Captcha, Decaptcher and Bypass Captcha

And a lot More

This is an old Video’s of an early version
so there’s been a lot of features added since then

Tumblr Poster,Scraper,Liker & Un-liker ++

There are 3 Bots in here, One is a scraper then the other is an Account Creator & the other is the Main bot
for posting & liking & etc.

Please Read This is Just an Idea for Now

I’m going to have a talk to our Admin, The-Dictator But first I want to know how Many of you here would be Interested in Group Buying.. We all put a little Bit of cash in-to the Pot OK, Then every-time that Pot reached a set amount we go buy a Bot or Tool which can either be shared for the people that give to the pot, OR shared on the all forum. If shared on the all forum, then maybe credit can be given to them that helped. I Don’t know yet, This is just an Idea that will help us get fully activated Tools for the V.I.P’s. If you’ll be Interested then when you leave a reply, just say if your Interested OK. And I’ll have a chat with The-Dictator.

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