[GET] Azon Hunter Full – Easy, Simple, Fast Amazon Passive Income Plugin!

Here is exactly what Azon Hunter WP plugin can do for you:

– Azon Hunter plugin allows to monetize comments on your WP sites using the Amazon Associate Program. Links are shown at at the end of the top comments based on the user’s keyword choice.

– Azon Hunter also has a widget that stacks Amazon offers in a 3D carousel.The ads rotate, creating an interesting way to engage your site visitors. Again, these ads are based on the keyword the user chooses.You can place the 3D carousel anywhere they want within their content, using a simple shortcode.

-It also comes with a custom search bar that allows visitors to search for items they already want to buy.The Stupidly Simple Amazon Plugin!In order to create the best user experience the plugin is very simple to use and install.

All you have to do is to put in your Amazon credentials. Then choose the keywords and that’s it…!


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