[GET] Facebook Sharer PRO 5.0

This is a handy stand-alone PHP script (NOT a wordpress plugin) that replaces Hootsuite and other monthly-membership scheduled FB posters.

It’s known for having callbacks and recording the domains of unlicensed installs.
Heh, got one of my domains listed there as well now, while I was nulling it oh well, trial and error.
I’ve removed all callbacks and for extra safety replaced all the links to their site in the script so they don’t see a referrer if you accidentally click on it.

If this is NOT the latest version (I guess latest one is 9.0), someone get me a clean latest one I’d be happy to null it as well.
I cannot vouch for the software itself, I just crack ’em Haven’t used it long enough.
If you encounter any issue or even if it works perfectly – don’t be a leech and post your feedback here, it’s more valuable than any reps
(I’d rather have cash if you’re feeling generous)

For the life of me, can’t determine what version it is
But the files in zip seemed to be a few months newer.
I’ve cleaned it up and removed any callbacks or links to product sites,
tested to add Facebook app (referring to $Jemison$ error) and it works fine.


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