[GET] LinkPadz Full – Enhance Your Browsing Experience

Get where you are going faster. LinkPadz determines where you want to go, by where you’ve been and displays your most commonly visited sites in a beautiful and intuitive way using bubbles.

The more you visit the site the larger the bubble. Keep the defaults or set your own logos for each bubble. Customize your bubbles by age and quality for the look and feel you like. If you don’t want to see it on your screen simply hide it from view. Start your new tabs intuitively.

* Beautiful layout – Linkpadz will get your attention with smooth animations and a clean modern look
* Automatically finds the sites you use the most. No bookmarks needed!
* Custom Backgrounds – Load whatever great looking backgrounds you want.
*• Filter by age – Quickly find sites from the last couple months, weeks, or days.
*• Filter by quantity of sites – Show only the amount of sites that you want.
*• Easily pin and unpin sites using the chrome menu button.
*• Hide unwanted sites that you don’t want to displayed. (Don’t worry you can bring them back)
•* Custom logos – Upload your own site logo. Start Intuition has logos for the top sites around the world, but you can add your own.




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