[GET] ScrapeBoard v1.1.75 Cracked

Want to create backlinks by Clicking Buttons? Would you like messages, and a links to your website posted on Thousands of Sites with the potential to be seen by Thousands of Prospective Customers? For a limited time i’m offering you the chance to grab My Personal Tool called ScrapeBoard. How would you like to…

The Complete Harvesting Solution!

In order to post messages to forums, and create profile links you need to gather lists of relevant forums. ScrapeBoard contains a fast multi-threaded harvester which can gather hundreds of forums per second from the various search engines based on your keywords. Not only that, you are not limited to just forums ScrapeBoard can harvest URL’s for anything you like such as blogs or article directories.
For example you can store site:.gov and ScrapeBoard will search amongst the 242 Million indexed pages on .gov domains that are currently listed in just Google alone. Or you could add site:yourdomain.com to keep track of the amount of pages Search Engines have indexed on your site, or extract those URL’s so you can obtain backlinks to them all to rank and dominate your competition. You can also Import and Export keyword lists as regular .txt files so ScrapeBoard makes a great utility to use with other Keyword and Seo Tools. The possibilities are endless!Proxy Harvester and Tester

No more being blocked, for too many automated queries or IP bans!

ScrapeBoard contains a built in proxy harvester which is able to scrape proxies from various proxy websites, then test and filter proxies to compile working lists of good proxies. You can Import, Export or just Paste in proxy lists, tick to use Proxies and ScrapeBoard will perform all it’s Harvesting, Pagerank Checking and Forum Account Creation operations through proxies so you stay hidden and your real IP never encounters the dreaded “Automated Queries” messages we are all familiar with when conducting intensive keyword research. ScrapeBoard also supports Private Proxies that require Username and Password authentication, and it also has a built in proxy checker to verify all your proxies are working correctly.ScrapeBoard is also smart, it will randomly rotate the proxies so you don’t use a single proxy all the time and it will also ignore dead or non-responsive proxies.This means you can continue to work uninterrupted, while ScrapeBoard handles the complicated tasks silently in the background. Here you can also adjust the number of Threads to run for optimal performance, lower the amount if you are using slow proxies with a bad ping, or raise it up for a direct fiber connection. You can also filter proxies based on latency, or proxies that fail to hide your IP. You have complete control!Bulk PageRank Checker

Mass Check URL PageRank

Mass PageRank checking in a flash! ScrapeBoard has the ability to bulk check the PageRank of your URL lists with hundreds of simultaneous connections, using hundreds of rotating proxies to perform lightening fast PR lookups a the rate of around 100 URL’s per Second! If you are performing competitor research, looking for backlink opportunities or even want to quickly know the PageRank for every URL on your own website then ScrapeBoard is a must. Used in combination with the search engine harvester, you are able to rapidly sort lists to extract the highest PageRank websites to leave your link enabling you to build authoritative backlinks to your domain.Job Manager

Powerful Total Automation

Tasks can be chained using the ScrapeBoard Job Manager, then saved as a single job file. Any time you wish to perform multiple tasks you can simply load your Job File and click Start… ScrapeBoard will complete all your tasks on auto-pilot! Loading a Job File and clicking start can for example harvest proxies, test the proxies, cleared all the failed proxies, then load a keyword list and harvest forums from all the search engines, load a profile with your backlink, register on forums, confirm emails, add profiles information then save all your backlinks to a .csv file. All this with ONE CLICK!Fast Forum Account Creation

Multi-Threaded Forum Registration

Fast multi-threaded forum account creation allows you to register on hundreds of forums such as vBulletin, phpBB and SMF per minute. As we all know, registering a forum account allows you to add things such as a Bio, Homepage URL and Signature which contain backlinks to your website to help boost search engine rankings and assist with indexing. ScrapeBoard has a unique distributed cloud question and answer system enabling it to register on forums with anti-spam questions such as “Who is the president of America”, the more it’s used the smarter it gets and the more questions it can answer automatically by harnessing the collective intelligence of all users!After registration, ScrapeBoard can also login to your mailbox and confirm all your accounts by clicking the activation email link. So registering at thousands or even millions of forums is fast and painless!Post Composer!

Post Composer!

Creating accounts and getting profile backlinks is not all, ScrapeBoard can also start forum threads with your own custom messages and links which can be seen by thousands of people, not to mention the search engines. Imagine being able to post a message to thousands of forums that can potentially be seen by hundreds of thousands of people? You could create a stampede of potential customers and links to your site in one fast multi-threaded posting session!All the available text formatting is available such as Bold, Italic, Font Colors and Sizes and even Smileys or inserting Images. Your message will look exactly like you manually went to the forum and crafted it by hand, nobody will know it was posted in seconds with ScrapeBoard!Profile Composer!

Profile Database Management

Create dozens of profiles for your campaigns! You can add contact information such as ICQ, MSN, YIM and AIM along with your Location and even a custom Avatar but most importantly you can add your Website URL and Title which creates links back to your website.You can even add a signature with full forum text formatting which will also be displayed under your posts when posting messages. Then you can simply select a profile to use, select a list of forum accounts and click Start… ScrapeBoard will rip through thousands of forums in minutes adding your profile and link information to all your forum accounts creating a torrent of profile backlinks!

I have tested many of the features, created forum accounts, posted the profile, pagerank checked, captchas… It all seems to work fine


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