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Do You know that Viral Pay Bot is a CONTENT LOCKER, but not any old content locker … Here’s What Makes this Money Making Tool Stand Out from the Crowd. While Other Content Lockers allows your readers to unlock content in return for a “like” or Tweeting about your content, Viral Pay Bot WordPress Plugin allows you to get paid every time people unlock your content.

ViralPayBot will instantly blur out or lock any content you have, like a blog post or video. You can then have a simple Paypal button underneath your content. When People click that PayPal Button they will have instant access to your content.

CLICK HERE to Watch the demo in action and discover why you would be foolish to leave this opportunity pass you. You see this fascinating plugin will lock content in many different ways and one in particular is via a PAYMENT UNLOCK.

How it Works ?

Basically ViralPayBot WordPress Plugin will allow you to shade out any bit of content you wish and provide ENTICING messages such as TEXT or VIDEO to entice the viewer to unlock. CLICK HERE to Watch how its done.


• As we have mentioned above you can unlock content via micro payments or large payments if that’s your thing.
• Plugin can shade out paragraphs, or entire pages of content within a site.
• Each block of “shaded out” content has a window box explaining what the viewer will learn after they unlock the content.
• To unlock the content there will be SOCIAL buttons such as “Like, Tweet, G+” the admin can set which buttons to show.
• Once the content is unlocked via PAYMENT, or LIKE it can be unlocked for a month, a week or forever whatever the admin sets.
• Once content is “Unlocked by Payment” you can be directed back to the unlock page or diverted to another page.
• Instead of a window showing what the user will learn when they “unlock” the content there is the option to put in a VIDEO that plays to entice the viewer to unlock the content.
• There are different unlocking THEMED BOXES.
• When the content is unlocked, there is the option for a POPUP TO APPEAR, which is another means to promote your affiliate offer to the viewer who just bought into your content.

Can You Explain me its Working with an Example ?

OK ! LET ME EXPLAIN.. anyone with a content site will be able to lock any content they wish on their site and one of the means of unlocking is for the browser to “PAY” 20 cent or 1$ or 77$ to unlock the content that is displayed on the page.

Let’s assume that someone arrives on your website and you have an article or video entitled, “The 10 Biggest Mistakes People make that Stop them Making Money Online”. The article is “greyed out” or “blurred out” and people see a Paypal button underneath.You can simply charge 10c, $1 or $100! Whatever your think your content is Worth !If you build enough curiosity and value in the title, people will click on the content and you get paid without have to create a product or send people to an affiliate link which they will probably source themselves anyway.

You are viewing a particular site of interest on how to make 10k per month and the intro paragraph states by reading the following 20 steps you will increase your earnings by up to 10k per month, but this is where the fun begins… the 20 steps are BLURRED OUT and all you can see is a content box explaining what you will discover when you unlock the content. Right under this you will see a paypal button showing the amount you have to pay to unlock and this amount can be anything at all and works well with payments such as 20 cent.

Is there is any OTO ?
There is a OTO which includes these feature enhancements to the product:-

There is a COUNT DOWN TIMER so that when someone lands on the page, the content wont unlock for 30 seconds or whatever the admin sets. This makes the viewer stay on the page longer if the caption is enticing or they can click on sidebar ads that take their attention.

Another option is to have a sign up via AWEBER. Such that they need to sign up to unlock the content, this is built into the CONNECT VIA FACEBOOK feature.

Incoming KEYWORD tracker that will record all incoming searches to your site so that you can create content and lock it to suit. As usual there is a full set of statistics and tracking features with this plugin.

I feel this is a great way to add “BUCKS” and “Monetization” to your blogging efforts. So, What are You Waiting for. Just Grab your copy now at a fraction of the cost.


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