[GET] VMware Workstation 10 + KeyGen

Key new features in VMware Workstation 10 include:

Windows 8 Support – Easy install simplifies the task of creating virtual machines for Windows 8 that can run simultaneously with a variety of legacy operating systems. Unity mode intelligently works with Windows 8 applications, and multi-touch support ensures a true Windows 8 experience.

More Powerful Virtual Machines – Faster start-up performance, USB 3.0 support for Windows 8 virtual machines, Intel™ Ivy Bridge compatibility, more powerful virtualization extensions, virtual performance counters, support for OpenGL 2.1 on Linux and improved 3D graphics performance make running highly demanding applications simple and efficient.

Increased Mobility – A new Web interface allows access to virtual machines running in Workstation or on VMware vSphere® from tablets, smart phones, laptops or desktop PCs. This high performance, Web-based interface delivers a native desktop experience and does not require flash or browser-based plug-ins.

Restricted Virtual Machines – IT administrators and instructors can create virtual machines and configure them to prevent employees or students from dragging and dropping files between virtual and physical desktops, attaching devices, or tampering with the virtual machine settings. Once restrictions are configured, the virtual machines can be encrypted and distributed to run on Mac, Windows, or Linux PCs with VMware Fusion® 5 Professional, Workstation 9, or VMware Player™ 5.

Important Information

As you Know Virus-total as a Max file size of 64MB this is why there’s no Scan Result.
But this Download does contain a KEYGEN & as most of you know your Anti Virus can delete these
If this happens, either add the Keygen to allowed list or turn off your AV while the Keygen Downloads.

Just to clarify, you can re-insall avast after the vmware installation and everything works fine.
I think even when the “shields are turned off” there are still some barriers up

ALSO Important INFO
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For Adding this Information Below

For anyone receiving Authorization error messages, or .msi install failures, vmware is not compatible with avast antivirus software.

The only workaround is to uninstall avast, and then install vmware.

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