[GET] FB Infiltrator – Targeted & Profitable List on Facebook While Cutting Traffic!

Can FB Infiltrator REALLY Help You Build a Targeted, Profitable List on Facebook While Cutting Your Traffic Cost By More Than 80%?

Is FB Infiltrator Truly a FAST Money-Making Tool?

If you’ve taken a look at the salespage of this product, you’re probably wondering at how Precious Ngwu, the creator of FB Infiltrator, can claim that this is ‘the most powerful tool in social media history’?

It can be difficult to turn a profit on Facebook, really difficult. Getting cheap Likes isn’t a problem, but turning those Likes into cash is a much tougher ballgame…unless you know what you’re doing.

FB Infiltrator is designed to help you ‘collect leads’ and sell products in an innovative way
FB Infiltrator seamlessly connects with your Facebook account and posts this on your timeline as a status update. There’s nothing technical. Its simple point-n-click. Now you’re ready to drive traffic to the optin forms and landing pages that you’ve created.

Ok, so everything looks great, but how will this benefit you?

The BIGGEST benefit of FB Infiltrator, by far, is that it allows you to quickly & easily create high response landing pages that convert ordinary visitors into profitable subscribers/customers.

And another HUGE benefit is the ability to force these high response landing pages directly into people’s NewsFeeds, which means that you’ll get 3-5X more clicks & optins at a much cheaper advertising cost.

Drawbacks of FB Infiltrator (What I Don’t Like)

Since its a WordPress plugin, you’ll need a domain name and hosting account to make it work. Even though getting a domain name and hosting is cheap, it is something you’ll need to consider before using this software.

The other issue is that it doesn’t create FanPages or Tabs for you. It strictly posts inside of ‘Status Updates’, which appear in people’s newsfeeds. So, if you’re looking to create FanPages and Tabs, this software is not going to do that for you.

The final issue is that FB Infiltrator will setup great looking opt-in forms and landing pages, but it won’t actually drive any traffic by itself. You’ll still need to promote on your own and/or run Ads to drive visitors. Its not a traffic tool by any means.

So, to solve some of these problems and add value, I’ve created an exclusive bonus called the ‘Fast FB Infiltrator Cash’ Academy, in which I’ll show you how to drive massive, targeted traffic to your pages & posts.




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