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Rank Tracker Enterprise

If your site depends on Google and Yahoo! placements for traffic and sales, your search engine rankings are tied directly to your bottom line. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on your rankings to make sure you’re near the top at all times.

Here’s what Rank Tracker can do for you
Automatically checks your search engine rankings
No more spending hours on end manually checking your site’s positions in search engines. Just sit back and let Rank Tracker do the boring job for you!

Shows if your site moved up or down in search results
Every time you check your rankings, Rank Tracker will conveniently show you the ranking difference so you can easily see if your site has moved up, or if it has slipped for whatever reason.

Helps you discover profitable keywords you’ve been missing out on!
Check this out: Rank Tracker includes a powerful “Suggest Keywords” feature. With it, you’ll be able to grab traffic-generating keywords using Wordtracker, Google Suggest, your competitor’s websites, and many other methods! (Rank Tracker comes with a total of 16 different keyword suggestion tools – with many more on our TODO list!)

Please After Install
let it

Now if it try to update Just click close on the update window ok.
I have Personally Tested the Rank Tracker & it’s working..

NOT Tested the other Modules.. so if you do use them, please consider reporting if they work or not please & i will add you to the main post & Give credit for testing..

Thanks for Reporting

I just wanted to confirm that the rank tracker is working

Thanks People

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