[GET] Tube Sniper Pro – The Best Video Marketing Research Software

Full Built-In Keyword Research Analyzer – This slashes the time you have to spend on competition research by 90%. The way to make serious money with video marketing is to get your videos loaded and ranked FAST.It does this by showing you the search count on your chosen keywords in both Google and YouTube.It reveals how many videos are on the first page of Google as well as how many videos are ranking on the first 10 pages of Google For ANY of your desired Keywords.

Individual Video Competition Analyzer – This spies on your competitors and tells you EVERY single detail that you’ll need to know to outrank them.Once Tube Sniper Pro shows you the information from the Keyword Research Analyzer, it’ll take you a step further and show you how many Views, Likes, Backlinks, and the Date of Upload for ANY AND ALL of the videos ranking on the first page of Google.
Competition Suggestion Feature – If you’re brand new to video marketing you might be having trouble getting the confidence to target a particular keyword.The Competition Suggestion feature tells you what the competition is like based on the information the Competition Analyzer uncovered.
Skyrocket your confidence knowing you have the experience and skills of proven expert video marketers in your corner.

Built in Keyword Suggestion Tool – This tool will generate keywords for you.

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