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Pinterest is currently the hottest new social network, receiving over 100 million visits a month. It is ranked third out of all social networks only following Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined and have raised $100 million in May of 2012 and is valued at $1.5 billion.

All of this makes Pinterest a booming social network which PiiBot capitalizes on.

PiiBot is a Pinterest marketing tool that allows users to make pins, repins, follow other users and comment on users pins.

It also comes with a Pinterest account creator which makes PiiBot the only Pinterest bot on the market with this feature. You can see a video of the Account Creator in action

Key points

Currently there are only two other serious competitors to PiiBot, they are ninja pinner and pintensify. Neither have an account creator which puts PiiBot in a class of its own and in a prime position to become the dominating Pinterest bot on the market.

The Account Creator automatically creates Twitter accounts, Pinterests account and verify them using email.

Technical Details

PiiBot is a multi-threaded, multi-account Pinterest bot which has been developed from the ground up. PiiBot is written in C# using 100% custom code consisting of over 6000 lines of code.

PiiBot Account Creator is multi-threaded, written in C# using 100% custom code consisting of over 4000 lines of code.

PiiBot Amazon Scraper is single-threaded, written in C# using 100% custom code consisting of over 800 lines of code.

The PiiBot website is currently hosted on Azure, integrates PayPal as a payment solution and elasticemail.com for mail. It is written in C# ASP.NET MVC 3 with over 800 lines of code.

[*] See code metrics in attachments for more details

What Will You Get

PiiBot source code and all rights
PiiBot Account Creator source code and all rights
PiiBot Amazon Scraper source code and all rights
Piibot.com domain name (expires 2013/04/03)
PiiBot website source code and graphics and all rights.
Current customers (contact details)


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