[GET] Feed Submitter 5.0

Do you ever feel like you’re spending less time updating your website’s content and more time on repetitive data entry tasks like submitting your RSS feed to RSS and blog directories? Feed Submitter helps you get back to the core of your online business more quickly.

◊ Do you want more visitors and subscribers for your blog or website without having to spend a lot of time or money with countless marketing tactics available? RSS submitter applications like Feed Submitter can help drive more traffic to your content with proven results.

◊ Do you find yourself feeling less than motivated to manually enter your feed information and track which feed sites are accepting submissions at any given time? Feed submit (or RSS submit) software semi-automates the process of RSS feed submissions to feed sites, blog directories, and podcast and videocast sites. Feed Submitter will submit your feeds to 200+ up-to-date resources for you, so you never have to visit each site to check its status and submit your information.

The number of feed and blog directories is constantly increasing, making it difficult for individual bloggers and webmasters to track and take advantage of new blog submit resources for promotion.

Our Feed Submitter RSS feed submit software is a powerful RSS tool that can track these blog directories for you, allowing you to submit RSS feeds to the most current and relevant list of RSS databases.

Don’t ever waste time on never-ending research just to publish RSS feeds again! Feed Submitter will simplify the blog promotion process and help you increase subscribers by having your RSS feeds submitted to the top RSS feed directories.

Our Feed Submitter RSS tool is your ideal solution to upload RSS feeds to market your blog, offering the following benefits:

◊ Fast, Semi-Automatic Submission (including 25 fully automatic options; semi-automatic options usually require the user to do nothing more than click on the “submit” button)
◊ Submission to 200+ RSS Databases and Blog Directories
◊ Multiple User Profiles, Each with Separate Tracking
◊ Up-to-Date Collection of RSS Feed Sites
◊ Automatic Field Filling During Submission
◊ Ability to Submit an Unlimited Number of RSS Feeds
◊ Ability to Choose Between Automatic and Manual Submission

Blog readers often rely on RSS feeds to track their favorite blogs and read the latest content. RSS feed submit software can make your feed available to more potential subscribers searching for RSS feeds on their favorite topics.

Those readers are the lifeblood of any blog or regularly-updated website. Whether your blog’s purpose is to drive sales of a product or service, earn advertising revenue, or simply gain exposure, growing your list of interested, regular blog readers and subscribers is important.

Let our Feed Submitter software do the boring, manual data entry work for you in tracking RSS databases and directories and submitting your RSS feed to be found by new potential visitors!


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