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Ultimate Video Curator is a real internet cash vacuum according to many internet marketers who have used it. The sales pages speak about slamming streams of passive income directly into your bank account, all in under 15 minutes a day, even if you’ve failed at everything before and type with just one finger! They say it is possible, and they will show you in 37 seconds.

My experience with Ultimate Video Curator doesn’t match the hype; I’m not seeing money pouring into any accounts and I’m not creating anything in just 37 seconds.

What I have been doing on the sites on which I have Ultimate Video Curator installed is taking from as little as 3-5 minutes to as much as 30 minutes or more to create video blog style posts with sensible written content.

On this particular site are videos specifically about the Ultimate Video Curator plugin and theme. I’ve watched each video that’s posted here. And…importantly, I’ve used the information in a couple of them. I particularly liked the training by Mario Soto.

As I indicated earlier Ultimate Video Curator is not currently slamming handfuls of money into my bank accounts. I don’t mean to sound like I’m standing up for it when I say that I’m not using it to its full potential. The fact is I’m not. I have a large number of sites, including very new sites, and far too many ideas running through my head. I’ve spread myself too thin. I need to focus.
What I have seen since implementing the Ultimate Video Curator plugin and theme on just three of my sites is an increase in my Adsense revenue each month for the past three months.

The dollar amounts — which I’m told cannot be shared — are quite small…embarrassingly small…but if you’re anything like most of us, that’s where you’re at as well. The increases as a percentage have been around 10-15% per month…each month. So, if I earned $10 in January, that would have increased to about $11, then $12.50, then $14 in February, March and April. We’re only one week into May, but the current month-to-date stats seem to indicate a similar percentage (10-15%) increase for this month. Please note: The $10-$14 figures above are not my real Adsense figures. Also, I’ve been adding content to my other non-UVC enabled sites, too. Not all of the increase has been due to Ultimate Video Curator.

So, what am I doing wrong?

I currently have very few actual affiliate links on the three UVC-enabled sites. The sites are not promoting exercise courses to fitness type people, nor dog collars to pet owners. With very few exceptions the only links on the sites that generate any income are Adsense ads. No promo, training video or demo I’ve watched for Utimate Video Curator said to create content and whack up some Adsense ads and fill your bank accounts. In fact, for the most part they only tell you that you’ll increase your traffic. It’s up to us to monetise that traffic.

Content –> Traffic –> $$$

You are almost certainly reading this because you came here researching Ultimate Video Curator. You want to know if you should get it. You want to know if you can even use it. Most of all, you want to know if it is worth your time and money.
My advice: Get it. Use it. Learn from what you do with it. Observe traffic and other stats. Use it some more.

Another bit of advice: UNSELECT the radio button for having the video Autoplay. If you don’t, whether upon arrival or while browsing, many visitors will end up on a page such as a category page where multiple videos will all begin playing at once. Great for you if they hit an ad to leave your site. Bad for you if they hit the BACK button. Always bad for the visitor.


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