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Everyone knows the importance of link building in terms of SEO but not everyone realises the importance of link diversity when creating links to your website.

So, why is link diversity so important?

Research has indicated that search engines love websites that have a high number of incoming links from many different sites, IP Addresses and platforms.

In particular:​ Build incoming links from many different domains
Build incoming links from many different kinds of websites
Build links from domains with different IP addresses
Build incoming links to pages within your website
Build incoming links from relevant pages
Build incoming links that utilize different anchor text

Built in Proxy Harvester and Checker
Easily find and test proxies free proxies from anywhere on the web

Built in Search Engine scraper
Easily find sites to post to with full support for proxies, final options and press the “Begin Submission” button​ Posting is as simple as 1,2,3,4 submit Just choose the platform, the targets, your project, final options (e.g. CAPTCHA Solving, Proxies) and press the submit button; Instant backlinks for your website

What makes BacklinkBrigand unique is the ability to train new targets.
Up until the release of the BacklinkBrigand whenever you wanted to target a new platform you needed to “roll your own” solution or make a request to the developer to integrate the new platform and then wait for a new release.

This all changes with the BacklinkBrigand software.

Now using a simple syntax and altering a few lines in a textfile you are able to create a new set of instructions which can then post to your new target.
Imagine having a set of platforms that only you can post to.

Forget about posting to just a few blog types; Post to as many blogs / guestbooks as possible

Out of the box the BacklinkBrigand software posts to these common platforms​ :
BellaBook Guestbook
Coppermine Image Gallery
DatsoGallery Image Gallery
DRBGuestbook Guestbook
E-Guest Guestbook
GAGuestbook Guestbook
LifeType Blogs
MGBbook Guestbook
Nucleus Blogs
PHPBook Guestbook
PixelPost Image Gallery
Plogger Image Gallery
ScarBook Guestbook
Tabulas Guestbook
VXGuestbook Guestbook
WordPress Blog
b2evolution Blog
Lazarus Guestbook
Dotclear Blog
Joomla Blog
Silentum Guestbook
Ricar Guestbook
Phoca Guestbook
phpBB Forum Profies


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