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Dear Friend,
My name is NiCK Carty and I’m the guy who created the most powerful Auto Blogging Software back in 2010, which sold over 5000 copies in less than 8 months!
It helped several internet marketers, even newbies to make several thousand dollars, automatically. Very soon, it became ‘THE TOOL’ in the industry and still is.
2 years later, I’m here with yet another phenomenal software that is going to take the world by storm again! It took 8 months for me and my team to develop this masterpiece and it is called the “Article Submitter Plus” which gets you over 400 High Quality, relevant backlinks, literally at the push of a button!

I know there are too many article submitters out there already, then why another software really? Is my software better than everything else?
Back in 2011, almost a year after my auto blogging software was fully matured; I wanted to generate more traffic to my auto blogs from search engines so getting a ton of high quality backlinks was the only solution.
Very soon, I realized that Article Submission is definitely one of the most powerful ways to generate High Quality, Relevant backlinks to my blogs and was searching all over the internet for the best tool to do it.
I’ve tried every article submission software on the market but to my disappointment none of them lived upto my expectations. They failed to deliver even half of what I was looking for and this is exactly what made me build my own article submitter!
And that’s how Article Submitter Plus was born!

After all the updates done to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms, it is indeed a good question to ask. Well, the short answer is “Yes, it does work!”
And do I have any proof to back it up? Of course yes, but you don’t have to take my word for it. We recently conducted a poll and 850 internet marketers voted on it.See the results for yourself below:

That is, 706 out of 850 people who said article marketing still works! And 311 on that 706, had enough proof to back it up!

It can automatically spin and submit unique variations of your articles to over 500 sites, literally at the push of a button!
It can submit to sites like Article Beach, Article Dashboard, Article Friendly, Article Friendly Ultimate, Article MS, WordPress and so on.
In fact, our developers are constantly adding more and more sites day by day so probably in a couple of months, we’ll have over 10,000 sites to submit your articles and get backlinks from.
The best part is, you can even add your own list of sites running on the same platform and Article Submitter Plus can easily handle it!

We have spent a lot time designing, testing and tweaking the user interface. Article Submitter Plus has a cleverly designed interface that allows you to get started in just 3 – easy steps.
Simply fill in your profile details, create accounts and submit! As simple as that! And much of the process is completely automated!

Using the advanced multi-threading technology, Article Submitter Plus works at lightning speed and creates accounts or even submits articles to multiple sites simultaneously. It can create accounts on 500 sites in less than 5 minutes!
It can submit an article to all sites in less than 15 minutes. And the process is completely automated! You don’t have to babysit and monitor every action.

It can generate spintax automatically, with the help of Spin Rewriter or The Best Spinner API. However, no API is required for spinning!
Article Submitter Plus has a built in auto scheduler so you can choose to submit all articles either instantly or spread them over several days.
There is also a built-in auto updater so when a new version comes out (which will happen frequently), Article Submitter Plus can update on its own! No need to uninstall and reinstall countless times losing all your data.

Just in case if you haven’t seen it in the video above, we have spent over $36,000 in developing this software and we still retain the developers to do regular updates periodically.
Well, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near $ 36,000! Not ever close.. For a limited time, you can get full access to the software for just $97!

Payment processed by PayPal and Delivery will be Instant!

Here’s a complete turnkey white-label package on the hot SEO and Backlinking niche that you can just strap you name on it, upload to your domain and start selling for any price you wish. A quick way to make money right from day 1!
The best part is, I have also included a short report and a high converting squeeze page to help you build your list and make money long term by promoting offers to them. The ultimate sales funnel as used by the BIG ‘GURUS!’

That’s right. Everything, right from the opt-in page to the download page, is included in the package. All you need to do is, download them all, put your name and order links on it, upload to your domain and start making money right away!
You might have seen a ton of PLR materials like this, but none of them will offer this kind of a complete package. Usually they give you a crappy ghost-written eBook and a garbage sales letter that won’t even sell. But here, you’re going to get a high quality eBook that is 54 Page long and have solid information for you to sell and customers to be satisfied!

Module 1 – Expert SEO & Backlinking eBook! ($600 Value)

The eBook is 54 Pages long and teaches on various SEO aspects such as what are backlinks and the best techniques to build high quality backlinks to rank websites higher on search engines. You can easily sell this eBook for $17 or even $27 if you could add some bonus content.
If you were to create this eBook or outsource it to a ghost writer, the minimum you may need to spend would be $600 and that’s without the cover designs. But if you order Article Submitter Plus today, you get everything for FREE!
Module 2 – High Converting Squeeze Page ($100 Value)

Use this page to generate leads by offering the Super Simple SEO Report for FREE. The best way to build a list of highly interested prospects, to whom you can later sell the main eBook or promote a lot of other affiliate offers.
Module 3 – Super Simple SEO Report ($200 Value)

This is a short report that covers on the basics of SEO. You can use this as a pre-sell material to your main product. Offer this for FREE in exchange of their email address and later follow them up to pitch on the main product above.
That’s what people called, the ultimate Sales Funnel!
Module 4 – SEO Checklist ($30 Value)

This is an easy to print out checklist with all the important steps required to build high quality backlinks. Offer this as a BONUS to those who purchase your main product!
Module 5 – SEO Articles Pack ($100 Value)

10 High Quality articles with private label rights, written on the topics: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Backlinking related topics. You can use this either to get backlinks for your main sales page or offer this as bonus to your buyers which will certainly increase conversions!
Module 6 – Professionally Designed Sales Page ($500 Value)

Just for designing this kind of a minisite, it would cost you around $200. I mean, that’s without a sales copy, just the design! To write a professional sales copy, the price is over $300. But we have included everything for FREE to those who order article submitter plus today.

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To quickly begin using the software, i’m going to offer you a bonus pack of 10,000 PLR articles spread over a wide varierty of niches from accounting to teeth whitening.Simply add them to the software, include your backlinks and submit!
For both WordPress as well as Blogger, you get a huge collection of decent templetes that are professinally designed by experts.
I wrote this guide and sell it for $27 at Clickbank! You get it absolutely for free if you order today andthis guide gives insight on blogging with help of WordPress.

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