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Superlist v2.5.0 – Directory WordPress Theme is the result of several years of active development in WordPress . Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete directory solution.

Plugins bundled in theme: Claims, Coupons, Currencies, Directions, FAQ, Favorites, Fields, Google Map, Google Places, Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications, Packages, Partners, PayPal, Pricing, Properties, Reviews, Shop, Statistics, Stripe, Testimonials, Watchdogs

Superlist v2.5.0 has strong focus on code quality. Everything has its own plugin and proper documentation. It is quite easy to modify theme or the plugin from the child theme because everything is properly wrapped in action or filter hook. Experienced developers will be happy to use the theme. With the good code is easier to create a great and maintable product.

Superlist significant features

  • Responsive layout
  • Wide/Boxed layout
  • Sticky/Fixed header
  • Extensive documentation
  • Child theme
  • FAQ, testimonials, pricing post types
  • Custom POI icons font family
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Sorting options for listings (price, title, popularity, rating, date)
  • Km and miles support for geolocation
  • Get directions
  • Google geocomplete
  • Dark/Light submenu
  • Prepared color combinations
  • Extended developer documentation
  • SASS for modular SCSS
  • Font Awesome integration
  • SEO friendly
  • Prepared gulpfile for SASS automatization
  • All strings are properly wrapped in translation function
  • Retina ready

Superlist Notes:

  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package.
  • All settings are in customizer.
  • All plugins used on our demo are free and bundled in the package on ThemeForest.

Superlist v2.5.0 – Directory WordPress Theme Changelog

v2.5.0 – 07. October 2016
– FEATURE: option to set maximum allowed number of categories per listing
– FEATURE: option to set maximum allowed number of categories per package
– FEATURE: option to show user address field as a country dropdown list
– FEATURE: working history and experience in resume detail
– FEATURE: custom fields of contact metabox are shown in listing detail
– FEATURE: new customizations section: Inventor Users
– FEATURE: new shortcode: [inventor_public_profile_link]
– IMPROVEMENT: font-awesome 4.6.3
– IMPROVEMENT: message about maximum allowed categories before field
– IMPROVEMENT: option to deselect icon of listing category
– IMPROVEMENT: option to deselect icon of listing type
– IMPROVEMENT: appearance and visibility options for coupons widgets
– IMPROVEMENT: appended listing title to the edit page title
– IMPROVEMENT: excerpt of the listing title in the listing archive
– IMPROVEMENT: excerpt of the listing title in the my listings page
– IMPROVEMENT: tax per item in the invoice
– IMPROVEMENT: coupon icon
– IMPROVEMENT: lexicon ID and listing types in the lexicon list admin table
– IMPROVEMENT: zeros are shown after decimal point in the meals and drinks menu
– IMPROVEMENT: author social networks in author detail page
– IMPROVEMENT: automatic Facebook, Twitter and Google+ user URLs from user nickname
– IMPROVEMENT: new URL to Google Polyline Utility
– IMPROVEMENT: shown only enabled listing types in package restrictions
– IMPROVEMENT: custom section fields allows post tags in their values
– IMPROVEMENT: empty generic sections of custom metaboxes are not shown in listing detail
– IMPROVEMENT: meals and drinks menu sections lexicon is not visible in the menu if food listing type is disabled
– TWEAK: coupon codes moved to right sidebar in admin
– TWEAK: dynamic meals and drinks metabox ID
– TWEAK: “Select/Deselect All” buttons are disabled for listing categories and location
– TWEAK: hook on inventor_google_map_infobox in inventor-favorites plugin
– TWEAK: settings of number field types applied in filters
– TWEAK: refactored code of submission steps
– TWEAK: .term-tree, .has-children, .children-wrapper and .children classes for taxonomy
– TWEAK: added class .listing-detail-section-subtitle to h3 element in listing sections
hierarchical multicheck field
– TWEAK: Inventor_Metaboxes::get_for_post_type() helper
– TWEAK: Inventor_Post_Types::get_max_listing_categories() helper function
– TWEAK: Inventor_Utilities::excerpt() helper function
– TWEAK: Inventor_Utilities::get_countries() helper function
– TWEAK: Inventor_Fields_Logic::get_field_settings() helper
– TWEAK: Inventor_Post_Type_Listing::get_icon() helper function
– TWEAK: Inventor_Post_Type_Listing::get_inventor_poi() is deprecated
– TWEAK: new strings in .pot catalog
– TWEAK: rebuilded catalog
– FIX: lost password URL fix
– FIX: minor CSS fixes and some improvements
– FIX: video banner is hidden on small mobile devices
– FIX: fixed missing listing type icon in submission shortcode
– FIX: fixed accent in the Spanish translation
– FIX: fixed fullwidth components of boxed layout
– FIX: fixed listing video banner of custom files
– FIX: fixed option “1” in non-required fields
– FIX: fixed slug identifier regex for new internet browser versions
– FIX: fixed missing placeholder of custom text filter fields
– FIX: fixed listing slider metabox bug
– FIX: fixed commenting on frontend
– FIX: fixed comment editation in backend
– FIX: fixed German translation
– FIX: fixed taxonomy separator
– FIX: fixed text domains

New WP filters:
– inventor_notify_about_new_user

Demo Superlist v2.5.0 – Directory WordPress Theme

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