[Get] Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.5 – Live Search Plugin

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.5 - Live Search Plugin

Ajax Search Pro v4.5 for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the WordPress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat. The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered. As of version 3.1 (2014 sep. 19) the search can override the default WordPress search results – so the ajax functionality is extended. The search can return posts, custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), Categories, custom taxonomy terms, buddypress users, buddypress gorups and buddypress activities as results.

Version History
Version v4.5 – 2015.08.11
– A new feature and engine: Index table search engine
– User search is now possible
– Attachment search is now possible
– Search text button
– Back-end category parent,child chooser
– Input focuses on compact mode opening
– Keyword suggestions and autocomplete sources: taxonomy terms and CPM
– WooCommerce term image integration
– Hidden input field type for custom field selectors
– Exclusion of parent-child pages is now possible
– Added a Help and Updates menu for more information
– Dynamic strings are now translatable with WPML string translations
– Update Notifications on the plugins menu

– Major query optimizations for better performance
– Adjustable author field for CPT results
– Input box converted to flex display
– Google autocomplete ajax migrated to JS
– Custom field and Category selector output limit increased
– WPML respects term translations
– CSS files re-ordered
– Some CSS classes changed with prefixes
– Optimized some theme line heights
– JS resize and scroll event optimizations
– Better attempt on closing unclosed HTML tags in content
– Result images are displayed as background images for better compatibility
– Select item colorization and width changes
– On multisite it is now possible to select all blogs with a checkbox

– Compact mode scrolling fixes
– WooCommerce product variation URL fix
– File system api instead of furl_open
– Stylesheet fixes
– Back-end JS optimizations
– Better input escaping
– Margin, padding override fixes
– Vertical results box height calculation fix
– WMPL compatibility with custom ajax handler
– Keyboard navigation fix for vertical results
– Fix a script exclusion for IE<9
– Multiselect custom post type selector fix
– A rev-slider compatibility bugfix
– Non-ajax pagination fix
– Widget compatibility for WP4.3

– Fulltext search is replaced with Index Table engine

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