59 Internet Marketing Life Lessons For Success, Fun & Profit

I have been doing Internet marketing for just over 7 years, I have created a lot of websites and learned a lot of lessons. Today I’d like to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way.

These ‘lessons’ may not be politically correct. They also may not work for everyone but I have found that they work for me.

Some of these points will contradict each other, that is life and that is business.

Of course I’d love to hear about your lessons and of course whether you agree or not with my lessons in the comments below.

  1. Be ethical.
  2. Exceptional Products can sell themselves – but it is not the rule.
  3. Don’t stress, tomorrow it won’t matter.
  4. Success is more important than money.
  5. Money is a bi-product of success and a great way to see how successful you are. Money in the bank is the Report Card.
  6. You can’t outsource passion.
  7. You can’t do everything yourself, delegate anything someone else can do.
  8. Grow quick, invest everything you can.
  9. Cease and desist letters deserve to be ignored. (Not)
  10. Cease and desist letters should always be answered.
  11. The truth isn’t slander.
  12. The best competition is your own competition (example: Retireat21).
  13. Spend outside your means, you will have to work harder, make more money and become more successful.
  14. Mac beat Windows.
  15. Two screens are better than one.
  16. Have a reason why.
  17. Write to do lists, lot’s of them!
  18. If you can’t do, don’t teach.
  19. Surround yourself with great people.
  20. If you want something from someone, do something for them first.
  21. Network at events.
  22. Don’t speak business at the bar.
  23. Good people will support you because of who you are and what you represent, not because of what you can do for them.
  24. Stay healthy, eat well.
  25. Your lifestyle heavily effects your businesses performance.
  26. Invest in your happiness.
  27. Forgive, forget, move on.
  28. People who rip you off, never amount to anything.
  29. Build something people will always remember.
  30. Credit for what you have done, isn’t important.
  31. Ego should come after you become successful and even then, it’s not recommended.
  32. You don’t know everything, learn.
  33. Have business partners, success comes quicker.
  34. When going into business with someone, create a long term agreement.
  35. If something is working, keep doing it.
  36. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.
  37. One massive thing is better than 10 small.
  38. Have an exit strategy, always be working towards something.
  39. Success often comes to those who don’t give up.
  40. Some people can’t be helped, don’t try.
  41. You can’t help everyone.
  42. Critics are never remembered, don’t worry about them.
  43. Do something for someone, not just so that you can say you did something but because you genuinely want to help them.
  44. Always negotiate.
  45. Ask and you will receive.
  46. What you focus on is what you get.
  47. Use the best designers and programmers.
  48. What you pay for, is what you get!!
  49. Some of your worst ideas are the most loved.
  50. The most successful people wear sandals and shorts.
  51. Complaining about people is time wasted.
  52. People who copy you, like what your doing. (or they are greedy).
  53. If your angry with someone, sleep on it first, before you reply.
  54. Telling people your idea will make it a lot more likely you won’t go ahead and do it.
  55. Entrepreneurs struggle to sleep, imagine walking into your dream house.
  56. Momentum is hugely important.
  57. Disappear for a while and people will quickly forget you.
  58. Whatever you do, for some people, it won’t be good enough.
  59. Give credit, where credit is due: Dad,  Yanik Silver, James Schramko, Craig Ballantyne, Gideon Shalwick, Andy Miller, Clive Cable, Ryan Lee, James Dyson, Josh Bartlett, Alex Jefferys, Dan Richards, Ryan Deiss, Brian Moran, Clement Yeung, Alex Maroko, David Sinik, David Aston, Rachna, Yanik’s Mastermind, His Underground Seminar Attendees and anyone else that has influenced my business in the past! Thank you guys.

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