[GET] Charon Proxy Tester + Tutorial

Press a button on the left side of the Charon’s main window called Connect Options.
Under Proxy Judge choose – Use External Judge(s) and click OK.
There is a button called “Judge Options” on the left side of Charon’s main window, click it.
You will see list with many proxy judges. You have to test them.
Click on the “Test judges” button. Charon will test now all judges, it can take 1-2 minutes.
Now you have to choose the fastest proxy judges. Fastest judges are those which have
the smallest ping time. Choose 1-2 judges and add them to selected list. To do it, right click
on judge and click “Move judge(s) to selected list”. Then return to Charon’s main window by
clicking “Close” button. Now you are ready to check proxy servers. Press button “Check Proxies”
and click “Check anonymity of all proxies”. Now Charon will check all proxy servers in your list.
After checking you can filter your list. Press “Filter list” and choose what you want to filter.

Proxie filter, i would also add using this filter, when loading your proxies into charon to test
using this filter and this setting it will auto remove junk ports from your list b4 testing your
list.. list of ports to keep below
80,8080,808,8000,8888,8123,8909,8090,8118,8081,808 2,800,8082,3128,3129,3127,3124,443,
side note there shouldnt be a space here ,808 2, but when i goto edit all 4
digits are together, but on the post the 2 is spaced away from the 8


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