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Hi Everyone,

Automatically watch web sites for updates and changes

This web page monitoring software makes following hundreds of web sites and blogs as simple and fast as checking your e-mail. It will visit web sites for you, as often as you like, and notify you when it finds a change. Stop wasting time in your browser – never visit an unchanged site again!

10 good reasons to get UpdatePatrol today:
Monitors web sites, blogs and text files for changes
Improves your productivity by working silently and unattended
Notifies you of changes by popup, sound and/or email
Shows pages with changes highlighted in the internal browser
Checks single pages or entire web sites for changes (NEW)
Checks normal pages or frame based pages (NEW)
Dynamic content like page counters and dates can be ignored
Easily imports your existing bookmarks
No limit in number of web pages monitored
No monthly fees – buy once and you own it

Check it out here:


Cost $49
Blackhat Cost: $0

Download the full retail version.


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