[GET] CPA Redirector 2 Multiple offers mod ( standalone version )

hey guys , I been using the cpa redirect script for some thing and it just owns. To bad that you can’t use multiple magicnumbers so you can’t have multiple offers on one page ( for the standalone version that is )

I am pretty sure this script is very helpfull to a lot of ppl.

I documented the php file so it shouldn’t be a problem to understand.

Creds go to brad for making this great script.

all info on what you can use this script for : hxxp://www.contentgeneration.org/cpa-redirector-2

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask .

Ps : I never coded in php before , so could be that my code is crap, but it works that’s what matters.

file is saved as a .doc file so you guys have to change the extension back to .php.

Good luck and have fun with it. ( thx and rep welcome )


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