[GET] How To Start From Scratch 2013 by Jeff Walker


Jeff Walker is the famous Product Launch Formula guru who has made millions teaching people how to launch a product on the web.
Start From Scratch is actually aimed at beginners who don’t know how
to create a website, start an e-mail list, find a niche or create a
squeeze page. It aims takes you from knowing nothing to being able to
create a product and sell it on the web via a squeeze page system
incorporating social media and a newsletter.

I actually had free access to this because I am a customer of PLF so
I’m not sure how much it costs and I can’t find a price anywhere! Please
post a comment if you find out.

So does it deliver? I’d say it lays out the basics pretty well but it
falls somewhat short because you still have to actually implement all
of this stuff. Much stuff is alluded to but may well leave you with more
questions to which you have to either find answers or buy another

Examples are how to create a website, how to actually set up a
working squeeze page and split test. Jeff tells you that you can split
test but you will have to find out for yourself how to do it and how to
check the results.

Other very important stuff such as how to build a content rich site
and social media campaign is glossed over somewhat. If you are a total
beginner then this is a decent foundation but I’m not sold on the fact
that by the end of this course you would be all set to start building
your internet empire.

I’d say this course is worth around $197 if you were to pay for it as a stand alone.

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