[GET] How to Flip Brand New Web Sites With Zero Traffic and No Income – Newbie Friendly

How to Flip Brand New Web Sites With Zero Traffic and No Income – Newbie Friendly!

Let Others Build Simple Web Sites, You List on Flippa, Sites Sell and You Pocket the Cash – Rinse, Repeat.

Flipping web sites is nothing new. You can go ahead and build a web site and then turn around and sell it on Flippa.

Usually you need an established site that has some kind of decent traffic.

There is actually a way to build web sites that have no traffic at all and sell those for $130 to $1,000 a pop.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

– Examples of web sites that have sold recently and how you can do the same.

– How to increase your revenue instantly just by just adding one thing.

– How to build valuable web sites – not worthless crap. Your customers will love it!

– How to outsource all the work.

– Which types of sites sell like hot cakes.

– Plus you’ll get a template for creating the Flippa auctions

– Plus Bonus Video “How to set Up a Paypal Business Account”

You’ll get a short (37 pages) PDF giving you step-by-step instruction how to flip web sites with zero traffic. This is not complicated at all. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer and listen to 5 hours of boring videos. Just quickly read my guide and you are off to the races!





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