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Jay Abraham – Stealth Marketing – Audio

Stealth Marketing Jay Abraham Book Review

Stealth Marketing by Jay Abraham

Book Review

Jay Abraham wrote “Stealth Marketing: How To Outmaneuver, Outwit and Outmarket Your Most Formidable Competitors…Before They Know What’s Hit Them” some years ago but its contents is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s tough times.

The problem is that Abraham.com lists it for sale at a wallet bashing $1,000 per copy. That’s right there is a book even more expensive than the famous “The Money Making Secrets of Jay Abraham…” also known as the “Mr X book”.

Abraham.com promotes “Stealth Marketing” as recession proofing your business and says:

“This report reveals actual methods that Jay has personally used to salvage, turn around, save, sky rocket and secure hundreds of client companies and professional practices during the worst economic times in history – the 1974 recession, the 1981-82 recession, the 1989-1992 recession, and right now! These techniques show actual steps taken on Jay’s best and most lucrative strategies ever used. Answers to 100 strategy and opportunity questions business owners asked like how to boost sales force productivity immediately.

You’ll learn stealth marketing tactics like: How to add tons of new customers without running any ads, how to identify and capitalize on your competitors weaknesses, how to quietly and quickly get into profitable markets virtually risk free . . . . and more!”

But is it any good?

I have a copy but I haven’t read it yet but given the relevance of the topic, I thought that instead of reading the book and the getting around to reviewing it, I would do things a little differently.

The plan is to read a section of “Stealth Marketing” and then to update my review and it might turn into as long and as comprehensive review as I wrote about the “Mr X book”.

Contents of “Stealth Marketing”

The book comes in five parts:

1. The Abraham Files – an introduction to Jay Abraham’s principles and strategies

2. Section One – twenty five step-by-step strategies to outmarket your competitors

3. Section Two – one hundred question and answers on how to profitably market your business

4. Section Three – case studies of actual stealth marketing strategies

5. Section Four – techniques for generating tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars virtually overnight.

It makes sense to organise my review around these five parts so bookmark this page and come back to see how I progress.


In the introduction of Stealth marketing, Jay Abraham emphasises the importance of marketing in building a profitable business and the need to get back to basics together with the need to embrace an opportunity mindset.

The Abraham File

This is a reprint of the already published Abraham File which acts as a general introduction to Jay Abraham and covers:

1. Seven marketing concepts they won’t teach you at Harvard Business School

2. The ten biggest marketing mistakes

3. Twelve Jay Abraham case studies

For Jay Abraham newbies this is an important introduction which helps to explain why he has been success a marketing success. For regular Jay Abraham students, it is a nice refresher. It’s that old issue again – “Yes I know about that but is that knowledge reflected in my actions?”

The initial case studies in Stealth Marketing include some of Jay’s classics like Investment Rarities and Icy Hot but they are always interesting to read..




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