[GET] List of 1,154 WORKING Sites For Use With Bookmark Demon – All Indexed & Ranked In G

I know finding working sites for Bookmark Demon is a HUGE pain in the…butt. So, to save you some time in getting those backlinks, I decided I’d share with my friends here at BHW a list of sites that WORK with bookmark demon.

This is not some crappy list like all the others you see all over the web. This is a fully working list and every site in it will successfully load into Bookmark Demon. I didn’t just do a ScrapeBox run and toss these together…so use them wisely!!

Every site in the list is at least a PR 0 (meaning they are all indexed sites…no “non-findable sites” in this list which means that all the links you submit will eventually be found). However, there are PLENTY that are above PR 0.

Simply toss ’em in the “auto detect new sites” and you’ll be off and running. In this list there are also the main sites that come with Bookmark Demon (because I didn’t know which ones originally came with it and didn’t feel like removing the ones that said “main” next to them…you can do that…well, actually BD won’t add the same site twice, so just copy and paste the entire list.)

VirusTotal Results:
File All_Sites.csv received on 2010.06.22 0 8 : 06 :39 (UTC)
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Result: 0/41 (0%)

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