[GET] SEnuke X Project Linking Diagram Template “Social Slam”

This is for all you SEnukers, a massive social network, social bookmark, and RSS submit linkwheel maker built on the same idea as the “Cosmic Blast”.


Mods, I started a new GET thread as I figured this is new and different.

This is the Social Slam, a project linking template made with 8 social networks projects linking directly to your money site and 16 social network projects pushing those links. Each social network then has the URLs they created Bookmarked and the RSS Urls submitted, thus pushing all the links with a two and three tiered system of linking.



How to use it:

Download the template and put it into the template folder where SEnuke X is:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\SENukeX\Templates

Crank up the Wizard and begin, choose the maximum of 3 profiles for this template and start setting it up.

What happens is because there are so many social network projects and only a maximum of 3 profiles, SEnuke will post the different articles randomly using the same profiles.

Setting up can take some time, but don’t get lazy and start copy and pasting the same spun articles into all the same social network projects, because SEnuke will post to the same profiles several times, having two articles that are the sameish on one profile will get that spoke of your wheel busted and deleted.

The Social Slam can be modified as well so that more links are made or perhaps the tier system goes deeper.

You can add up to three 2.0 profile projects and three forum projects to push whatever social network projects links you like.

As-is, the Social Slam is a maximum of three link tiers, though one could very easily make it a four or even six tiered system by changing the way the social network projects link to each other. For instance, right now it has 8 social networks going directly to the money site(s) and 16 social network projects linking to those 8. All one would have to do is disconnect one of the 16 social network projects from the 8 and make it connect to one of the other 16.

UG, did that make sense?

Anyway, I ran this template using 10 proxies, opened it up to 25 threads (God, I love the new sockets!!), used OCR with Death by Captcha as the back up.

Total time to run: 6 hours and 35 minutes (though I think it should be ran over at least a 3 day period)

Total Captcha cost: one dollar and change

Total links:

Each social network URLs averaged 21 X 24 = 504

Each social network RSS URLs averaged 15 X 24 = 360

Each social bookmark URLs averaged 40 X 24 = 960

Each social bookmark RSS URLs averaged 6 X 24 = 144

If you would like to try this template, get it here:





This template is free, no need to PM me if you can use it for an SEnuke service, go right ahead :)


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