[GET] – 1000 backlinks INDEXED! – Give Away!

I will give away my indexing service to 1 person every day until September 30th 2016.

My system runs via 200 dedicated IP’s which are rotated monthly, all types of links accepted, I use it personally to resurect de-indexed pbn’s (which is why I built the system for myself) but I may as well use it as a service as it does also work at scale.

1, Please do not post your links in reply to this thread.
2. Please just msg that you are interested and I will pm you.
3. My system is averaging 80% indexing at this moment, please do not complain about this, its free and this is as good as I can get it.
4. Please have your 1k links ready in a txt file (I will not open any other kind of document) ready to send me in PM or link to else I will move on to the next person in the list (assuming there is one)
4. I am not seeling anything, this is just a good test run before I turn this into a service which I think I will sell for $7 a pop
5. Please let me know if you want the links “Blast indexed” (all in 1 hit) or drip feed, I will do anything up to 20 days.
6. If you want to, do let me know if you think this service is worth the $7 I think I will sell it for.

This is all.


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