[GET] Another Free 36K AA List 11K Domains

About this list

Scrapebox is showing

36674 urls
11770 domains

This is a new list from the last one but I just checked and somehow I managed to get a 550 url overlap. So you if you used the last list you are only getting 36124 fresh urls.

Two weeks ago I ran a fairly large list, I then checked them all for links 24 hours after posting. Kept all the ones that checked out positive for links. Ended up with about a 55k list.

Last night I ran that 55k and the url’s in this list are all the ones that came back as positive posts in scrapebox in the run that ended about 6 hours ago.

So checked for positive links two weeks ago and positive posts a few hours ago.

This list has not been checked for obl’s Chances are like most AA lists they are mostly pretty high. I did run a PR check on the 55k list and while most were n/a there were a fair number of page with PR quite a few 1’s and with some 2′. Right at 1% of the total had some PR.

A couple of people shared the download link for the last list at other forums. Seriously if you are going to do that for the easy thanks at least create your own download link instead of leaching my bandwidth.

Some feedback on the settings you used and what kinds of results you are getting would be great as well.

The are in a text file and can be downloaded at the following url


50 connections
20 proxies
90 sec timeout
Randomize Comment poster blog list (Checked)



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