[Get] 7buckpromos Bucket has New Stuff

7BuckPromos is still Alive and Growing

I can not believe that 7buckpromos S3 bucket is still unlocked and new stuff is still being added. It has probably been 6 months since I visited this site. If you have not visited it lately, it may be worth your while.

Here are a list of things just added in July.

  • 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins – 10 Videos
  • 22 Productive Enchancing Tools – 20 Videos
  • Amazon S3 – How To – 16 Videos
  • Flippa Case Study – 7 Videos

I am going to use this rule as to why I am not giving a virus scan.

From Blackhit

UPDATE – January 2 – 2011: If the download links for Templates, Themes, PDF’s or Scripts are located directly on the author’s download page, a VirusTotal scan is not required, since the risk of viruses/malware/trojans would be quite minimal.

You should always practice safe computing and have your own virus checker/scanner.

If you are a Newb and don’t know about the Amazon S3 Ripper, may I suggest these resources.

If you are planning on downloading the whole enchilada, it is going to take bandwidth, time and disk space. But then you could always run it over night. Or you could use S3 and pick and choose what you want to download.

Courtsey of WizGizmo
You need an app called the S3 Ripper. Get it below:


Here is the virustotal scan – Clean


After setting it up, put the bucket name in it (7buckpromos) and go. You will figure it out. It’s easy!

Cheers! – “Wiz”​

I just checked the above link and it still works. No Guarantees. All the other links for S3 Ripper that I checked do not work.

If you are having problems with S3 Ripper, may I suggest you read the following thread. Most of the problems have been discussed there. There are also some other buckets for you to exploit. The links to acquire the S3 software do not work.


Enjoy :)


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