[GET] 30 Minutes A Day To Underground Arbitrage Profits

30 Minutes A Day To Underground Arbitrage Profits

Dear Warrior

By now you have probably seen it all, including countless hyped up claims that you too can gain instant millionaire status when you buy the latest and greatest (rehashed) $97 ebook [​IMG]

Well are you ready for something completely different…?

If I could show you a neat arbitrage trade where you can find out how much profit you’ll make before you spend a cent, would you be interested?

And I am not talking about trading clicks for cents across PPC/Content Advertising Networks either!

With this simple process your profits can be anything from $10 to over $100 per trade.

How many trades at $10 profit per trade would you need to pay your rent? your car payments? to pay for your next big vacation?

This simple idea follows the basic premise of a profitable business: buy low and sell high.

In fact, this process is ideal for starting your own kitchen table micro business. And I am talking about a real business not some IM fad!

There are no approval processes, no complicated systems involved, you don’t need a website, there are no PPC or advertising costs.

What you will need is a willingness to do some basic research and then set up the arbitrage trades accordingly.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in the report:

  • The structure of these arbitrage trades
  • How to find the cheapest possible buy price
  • How to find out your likely sale price before you set up your trade
  • The internet brand names that make this easy, safe and quick to do
  • The reason why in some cases you’ll buy without intending to sell…

Some quick FAQ:

Q: Is this anything to do with PPC Arbitrage?

A: Nope, this is a micro business idea not an IM fad.

Q: How much money do I need to get started?

A: Zilch, nada, zip, nothing, nowt…you get the idea.

The accounts are free to set up and all costs can be deducted from the sale of your trade.

If you want to, you can collect the revenue from the sale before having to spend $ on the buy side of the arbitrage.

Q: How much time will this take?

A: If you spend 30-45mins a day you can be up and running straight away. Your first profits could be in the bank in a matter of days.

Q: How much money can I make with this?

A: I have to stress this is a plan for a micro business not a get rich quick scheme.

You can easily make a few hundred bucks a week (or a month if you are feeling lazy). Equally if you put the work in this could make 4 figures a month for a few hours work each day.

Q: Will buying this WSO instantly make me: slim, sexy, more attractive to the opposite sex, grant me super powers or fill my paypal account with $312,469.56?

A: Nope, sorry. But if you do find a WSO that does all of this please email me the link!

Q: What am I actually going to get when I buy this WSO?

A: You will get an instant download pdf report (13 pages including title page and some pretty screenshots) outlining this micro business idea.

There are no start up costs involved and you can literally set up your first trade in less than 60 minutes.

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Enjoy and Prosper!:)


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