[GET] WordPress Automatic Link 1ly.us Cloaking -Plugin

Didn’t see this on DNS, so here ya go.

Automatically cloaks outgoing links in your posts and pages to your 1ly.us.

**What Is “Cloaking”**

This plugin will “cloak” external links so they look like they’re pointing to your own domain, e.g. “http://yourdomain.com/blog/more/Link_Text_Here/12/34”. You can set your own prefix instead of “more”. The links are only rewritten when being displayed to a visitor – the plugin will not modify the actual text of your posts as saved in WordPress database. The cloaked links will redirect seamlessly to the original URL and will work in all browsers (they don’t rely on JavaScript).

**Which Links Are Cloaked**

You can choose whether to cloak all links (the default) or only those you mark with the `<!–cloak–>` tag. There is an “Exceptions” list where you can put the domains you don’t want cloaked under any conditions (your blog domain is added as an exception automatically). You can enabled/disable link cloaking for either/or posts and pages globally. Relative URLs will never be cloaked. A relative URL is basically one that doesn’t contain a domain name, instead pointing to a file or folder on the current site.

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